Mazda MX-5 NC Turbo

The car came to our workshop with an engine problem which was originally caused by oil starvation.

The source of the problem was soon found to be an oil supply pipe that failed, resulting in the turbocharged engine to lose oil pressure.

The engine was removed from the car and was disassembled in order to understand which components were damaged and would need to be replaced for a complete repair. Meticulously examining the engine, we decided that the crankshaft, the crankshaft bearings and the connecting rod bearings needed replacement. 

In addition to this, the car’s owner supplied and asked us to install new, reinforced connecting rods which required machining and lathing to properly fit and ensure trouble-free operation when the engine was put together again. New ARP studs were also installed, the oil pump was replaced with a new unit and the piston rings were also replaced with new ones.