Why choose us

Our garage is well equipped with modern tools and computer diagnostics. We have the equipment needed for your car’s correct maintainance, for the safe repair of every fault and for tuning and enhancing your car’s performance on every level.

Our technicians are experienced and eager to perform correct and safe work. We have passion for what we do, so you can feel assured that we will look after your vehicle as if it belonged to us. Since automotive technology is constantly progressing and we strive to always be at its forefront, we attend manufacturers’ training seminars so that we can carry out maintenance on new car models according to manufacturers’ specifications.

We offer competitive prices on parts and labour, as well as a broad network of partners which allows us to look after your car whatever it may require.

About us

Our garage was created in 1997 named Rotary Beat. The workshop specialised in the maintenance and quality tuning upgrades of Wankel-engined cars. Our passion for the automotive world coupled with our lengthy experience in the field led us to expand our work to include the most popular car makes. With an already established presence in car tuning, 2010 we changed the name of our company to our current name, Race Beat. The purpose we set out to achieve with our new name was the correct maintenance, the direct and efficient troubleshooting and repair of problems as well as the well thought-out tuning of our clients’ vehicles. Our strength stems from our attention to detail and our honesty towards our customers for each and every work we perform, from a routine oil change all the way to the most involved and ground-breaking tuning conversion.


Who we are

Meet the Race Beat team!

Petros Christakis


Petros started building his technical expertise from a very young age, when he worked in a main TOYOTA Hellas Kassidopoulos service station. Throughout the years his experience and his deep technical understanding of the automotive technology was strengthened as he worked for major AUDI, BMW, Porsche, Ford and Mazda service garages, such as the workshop of G. Raptopoulos in N. Erythraia and the Greek Ford and Mazda main dealerships, as well as through the process of organising a major service station specialised in exotic car makes (Maserati, Lotus, Lamborghini) in Menidi.

Petros’ love for the automobile brought him to the racing department of the Greek TOYOTA dealership, with participation with the Celica GT4 and Corolla in Greece, Cyprus and other European races on tarmac and gravel. His involvement in racing went on with the racing team of the Greek Ford and Mazda dealerships, again participating in gravel racing in the Greek championship.

In 1997 Petros created the workshop, initially named Rotary Beat and focused on car tuning, participating in dragster vehicle racing. His love for cars and his commitment to honest and correct work helped him become an established presence in the Greek automotive scene and expand his business to include routine car maintenance and repair. Today in Race Beat he makes use of his versatile work experience, ensuring that we can offer the reliable and technically sound labour that we promise to our customers.

Christos Christakis


There is a Greek folk saying which can be translated along the lines of “Who the teacher is defines what the student will learn”… It was only natural then for Christos to develop his passion for anything automotive from an early age, and start gaining experience from his father, Petros, working in the garage since he was 18 years old. He entered car racing with Rotary Beat, taking part in the preparation of dragster-style racing cars, as well as significant drift racing car projects. In Race Beat, Christos works on standalone ECU tuning, vehicle computer diagnostics and of course the shop’s daily maintenance, repair and car tuning workload.

To further reinforce the competitive advantage of our workshop, Christos takes part in technical and administrative training seminars – on one hand, car makers seminars on the innovation and manitenance demands of the most recent models, and on the other hand seminars on Customer Relations Management and Service Promotions. Christos is our company’s face towards customer communication and support, supplier contact and product and service promotion, while he maintains the company’s ERP system. Throughout his knowledge and training and the aid of specialised software for parts management (tecdoc, vivid etc.), Christos is always up-to-date on the suitable parts and consumables needed for our customers’ cars.